Since its founding in 2007, Panopto has been creating innovative and affordable video capture and management software that can record any type of input, with any equipment, at any scale, by anyone with a laptop or smartphone.

Businesses use Panopto to webcast executive communication, create interactive online training videos, live stream events, and promote social learning. Universities use Panopto to record lectures, make course materials available on-demand to students, and broadcast campus events. Since 2007, Panopto’s software has been adopted by more than 500 universities, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies around the world. Built with technology developed at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science, Panopto’s innovative solutions trace their origins to field research into early lecture capture systems designed for unprecedented scale and automation. Founded by technology entrepreneurs and software design veterans with deep roots in education, Panopto now delivers video capture and management solutions to a wide variety of markets and institutions. The company’s growth and development is driven by our commitment to building easy solutions for our customers’ complex problems. For more information on how Panopto can help your organization learn and communicate using video, email us at sales@panopto.com or call 855-PANOPTO.