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This YEAR In Ideas Shared With Panopto

The Year In Ideas 2015 - Panopto Video Platform

365 days can often feel like an incredibly small amount of time.

In academia, the calendar year may be the standard of measurement — another grade passed. But for those teaching, 12 months represents merely a couple semesters or a few quarters, barely enough time to test new pedagogies or pilot new systems. And that’s no …

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Hoping to Enhance Workplace Collaboration? Give Social Employee Training and Video a Try

Social Learning in Employee Training with Mobile Video

With increasing numbers of ‘Millennials’ entering the workforce, L&D teams across the world are working hard to adapt to the training and development needs of a cohort brought up in the digital age. As Millennials’ expectations have been shaped by the unprecedented expansion of technology into almost every aspect of life, so businesses have had …

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Understanding Modern Video Streaming in the Enterprise: Protocols, Caching, and WAN Optimization

ICON - How Modern Manufacturers Are Putting Video To Work

In the past several decades, changes in video technology have frequently occurred through seismic shifts in ecosystem support. The triumph of VHS over Betamax, the subsequent shift from VHS to DVD, and the rise of H.264 have all followed a pattern in which the industry rallies around a technology and solidifies its position in the …

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“I Can’t See Anything” — IBM Experiences The Worst Possible Live Streaming Video Failure

IBM Streaming Failure

Just a few short weeks ago, the world was surprised to see none other than Apple mar the public debut of its much-anticipated Apple Watch — the company’s first big product release in more than half a decade — when the live streaming video of the announcement events first failed, and was then simply unavailable.

Apple’s …

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70:20:10 – Does Informal Learning Mean the End of Employee Training?

Training - Panopto Video Learning Platform

Researchers have always been fascinated with reverse engineering the habits of successful individuals. Whether it’s their sleep patterns, diets or religious beliefs, someone will try to figure out the magic recipe for maximizing individual success.

The same can be said of the process of learning. Through studies of business leaders beginning in the 1960s, researchers began …

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Wanted: A Flexible Lecture Capture Solution — With Industry-Leading Support

SBCTC and Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

While campus-wide lecture capture solutions are now becoming commonplace in college classrooms, the 34 colleges overseen by the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) have been ahead of the curve for nearly a decade.

When Washington’s colleges are seeking a technology-enabled answer to a classroom need, they turn to the SBCTC’s eLearning & …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With Panopto — Earth Day 2015

Environmental Uncertainty - Panopto Video Presentation Platform

This coming Wednesday, April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day. Starting this weekend, communities around the globe will unite for the common cause of making our world more inhabitable, volunteering and sharing information to help everyone become just a little more environmentally conscious.

Now 45 years since the first Earth Day, it’s easy to forget …

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Your Graduate Recruits Are Used to Learning with Video — Does Your Employee Training Take Advantage?

Employee Training - Panopto Video Platform

As final year students enter their last term at university, there are likely to be two big things on their minds. The first, naturally, will be their impending exams. And a close second will be where they’ll work after they graduate.

For graduate recruiters too, the imminent arrival of new staff members creates no short …

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Tax Forms Are Confusing. Are Your Company’s HR Forms Any Better?

Tax Forms - Panopto Elearning Video Platform

In the U.S., April 15 looms on the calendar. It’s a date marks the annual undertaking of one of but only two certainties in life — the deadline for filing state and federal income taxes.

Here in the states, taxes have earned a reputation as quite possibly the single most confusing process most people will …

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How Lawyers Are Using Video to Share Knowledge Throughout Their Firms

Library - Panopto Video Platform

In an industry where firms trade on their reputations, being recognized as the expert in a given subject creates a competitive advantage like no other. But practice specialization can create a crisis-in-waiting — employing the best minds in the field may help a firm secure more business today, but what happens when that expert leaves …

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