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Pushing the Limits of HTML5 Video with Panopto Smart Sync

Pushing the Limits of HTML5 Video - Panopto Video Platform

Just over a month ago, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) declared the HTML5 specification complete. The latest version of the HTML standard has introduced a range of new functionality that is now supported natively in popular web browsers, including the <canvas> tag for graphic drawing using Javascript, structure tags for organizing the content on …

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Record Meetings Using Panopto

Meeting - Panopto Meeting Recording Platform

In every business, meetings are an important way for colleagues to share ideas, brainstorm, and hash out details for getting work done. Unfortunately, many of the ideas shared during meetings are often lost in meeting recap emails that are not only time consuming to write, but are also often overlooked in employees’ ever-growing email Inboxes. …

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Sales Training vs. Sales Enablement — What’s The Difference?

Sales Enablement vs Sales Training - Panopto Video Platform

One in three sales lost today are for a simple lack of sales preparation.

For a typical $1 billion company, every year poor sales preparation results in $14 million in wasted sales and marketing expenses — and $100 million in lost sales opportunities.

Those figures, both from the analysts at IDC, provide all the answer needed for …

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Social Learning is Here To Stay: 5 Tips for Embracing Social Learning In Your Organization — with Video

Employee Turnover Stat - Panopto Social Learning Video Platform

Social learning has long been the dominant way individuals teach and share information inside organizations. The famous 70:20:10 model of organizational learning contends that upwards of 70% of on-the-job learning comes from this kind of informal knowledge sharing rather than formal training — and the latest studies indicate even that estimate may be low.

Today …

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9 Ways Today’s Tech Companies Are Using Video

The Tech Industrys Secret Productivity Tool - Video - tn

Consumers worldwide have an increasingly insatiable appetite for the latest and greatest technology. At home and work, they carry the newest smartphones and tablets, and manage their day-to-day activity and relationships with a growing number of local apps and cloud services.

Spiking demand for technology has created incredible growth opportunities for tech sector businesses. But …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With Panopto — December 12, 2014

Role of Celebrity in Young Peoples Aspirations - Panopto Video Platform

This week at academic institutions around the world marks the start of finals season. Educators are opening extra office hours and curating semester study guides, while students attempt to make the most of each waking moment to commit each of those last little details to memory, add the last few supporting points to their papers, …

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The 2014 Panopto Gift Guide — Video Devices, Tools and Accessories We Love

Snowman and Camera

We’ve made our list. Checked it twice. And this year, we’ve got just the thing for everyone nice.

Our offices here at Panopto are a veritable Santa’s Workshop for video equipment. We’ve got camcorders and webcams aplenty. Document cameras, DSLRs, and mobile devices galore. We’ve got cables and connectors, converters and compressors. We’ve got lights. …

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Miss Our Webinar on Managing The Technical Details of Mobile Video? Catch it On-Demand!

Overcoming 3 Challenges of Mobile Video thumbnail - Panopto Video Platform

The rules of sharing and managing enterprise content like spreadsheets, documents and slide decks don’t apply to video — especially when it comes to accessing video on phones and tablets.

The files are too large.

Network speeds aren’t optimized for streaming.

And today’s myriad of file formats means all too often, employees find your videos aren’t …

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What Is Social Learning, and Why Is It So Important for Corporate L&D?

Panopto Enterprise Video Platform - Social Learning

Social learning is quickly becoming an increasingly hot topic for corporate learning & development departments as more businesses look to leverage the knowledge of their subject matter experts across their entire organization. According to a report from Bersin by Deloitte, enterprises with at least 10,000 employees spent three times more on social tools in 2012 …

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Designing An Onboarding Program That Goes Beyond Day One

Welcome New Employees - Panopto Video Platform

Onboarding, it seems, is growing up.

It wasn’t so long ago that many organizations treated new employee onboarding almost as an afterthought. “First Days” were often hastily outlined by the hiring manager, and seldom featured little more than a quick introduction to the team, a thirty minute overview of primary job functions, and for a …

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