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Trending in Blended Learning: Recycling MOOCs

MOOCs and Lecture Halls - Panopto Blended Learning Video Platform

When Massive, Open Online Courses (also known as MOOCs) made their debut in 2009, many believed that they would fundamentally change the face of education. With MOOCs, the promise of free access to education for all was enough for professors like Sebastian Thrun, co-founder of Udacity, to predict that in 50 years, there would only …

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Advancing Education at Wharton: From Multi-Source Lecture Capture to the Flipped Classroom


With the school’s previous hardware-based capture solutions, Wharton’s faculty had been able to record only a limited number of sources. That often meant tough choices for what was recorded and what wasn’t, and resulting videos that paled in comparison to the actual in-classroom experience.

With Panopto’s ability to record a virtually unlimited number of video sources, …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With Panopto — July 24, 2015


Did you get all of that?

Come on, it’s all written right there, plain as day.

216 years ago this week the worlds of history, language, art, and anthropology were turned on their collective ears, as a single discovery reanimated a language that had died some two millennia prior.

Pierre Bouchard, a French soldier serving …

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YouTube? Or The Corporate YouTube?

Guy At Laptop - Panopto Corporate YouTube platform

Video is increasingly the means by which businesses communicate and share valuable information. As organizations continue to find new value in video – creating online training videos, streaming live executive broadcasts, webcasting events, offering on-demand presentations and product demos, and more – the question of where to keep all this video has become critical.


Every …

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TED[you]: Should Your Business Have an Internal Thought Leadership Program?

TEDx Somerville - Flickr

“Ideas worth spreading.”

That’s the tagline for the TED conference series, today perhaps the best known (and best regarded) venue for sparking conversations, illuminating opportunities, and helping to shape opinions, attitudes, and actions.

At TED events worldwide, inventors, teachers, artists, scientists, thinkers, performers, makers, and others share the ideas they’re passionate about.

Delivered simply as a series of …

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Panopto Named EducationInvestor Awards Finalist — Again!


We are delighted to announce that Panopto has been named as a finalist for the EducationInvestor Awards 2015 in the category: ‘Suppliers: Uses of Educational Technology’. This is the second year in the row we have made the shortlist as a finalist for this category.

Now entering their sixth year, the EducationInvestor Awards celebrate innovation and …

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How CEOs Can Engage Employees Using Video

Engaging CEO builds company culture with video

Does your organization see your employees as a replaceable commodity? Or as a key resource to be cultivated as part of the path to long-term success?

Are you sure?

The latest data suggests many organizations still aren’t doing enough when it comes to fostering employee engagement. According to a study recently released by WeSpire, 57% of respondents …

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Qualcomm Amplifies Global Employee and Partner Training with Panopto

Qualcomm Case Study

At Qualcomm, invention is at the heart of corporate culture — a value the company relies on in order to maintain its place atop the mobile technology industry.

Facilitating that culture is another closely-held principle: strong support for employee learning and development.

For Qualcomm employees, partners, and contractors, the company’s commitment to continuous learning is readily apparent …

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Deputizing Departmental Training: The Next Big Challenge In Learning & Development


For more than a decade, a wave of new eLearning tools have helped free organizational learning and development professionals from repetitive classroom trainings. Instead of standing in front of a conference room of employees each quarter, trainers can now deploy curriculum in the form of online video presentations and check for comprehension with interactive quizzes …

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Flexibility & Support: Why Wharton Switched Lecture Capture Platforms


When Huntsman Hall opened in 2002, The Wharton School was excited to introduce its students to a cutting-edge technology-enabled study aid — lecture capture.

Along a back wall in each of the new building’s lecture halls Wharton had installed a fixed camera that would record each class session from the students’ viewpoint. After each class ended …

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