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Reflections on the Panopto Conference 2014: ‘Innovation with Video: Improving teaching and learning through technology’

London Senate House

by Tom Davy, CEO, Panopto EMEA

This week Panopto EMEA held its annual conference at Senate House, central London. We have been running similar events ever since we set up an office in the UK to bring the community together to discuss the opportunities and challenges surrounding the use of video at education institutions. This year …

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Can You Panopto An Evernote Presentation?

Panopto an Evernote Presentation - Panopto Online Presentations

In the past few years, Evernote has become one of the go-to tools for taking notes. The simplicity of the app, and it’s ability to synchronize notes between a work laptop, a home PC, and a smartphone anywhere else has made the tool a mainstay of Top Apps lists.

Recently, Evernote added a new feature …

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How Video Can Help You Train and Retain New Employees

Train New Employees Using Video - Panopto Video Platform

As an employer, you want to ensure that all of your new hires are set up for success from the moment they walk through the door on their first day. You’re not alone. An increasing number of organizations have come to realize that effective new employee training — otherwise known as employee onboarding — is …

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4 Ideas to Help HR Teams “Do More With Less”

Example HR Training video - Panopto Video Platform

In the world of human resources, it sometimes feels like the Great Recession never ended.

According to research from the Hackett Group, even with projected revenue growth for 2014 up 7 percent year over year, corporate HR budgets have been essentially flat — if not in decline. Operations budgets are down a percent. Departmental staffing …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With a Panopto Video — October 17, 2014

Flipped Classroom Presentation - Panopto Recorded Video Presentation Software

One hundred and thirty years ago, a war over an idea gripped the United States’ eastern seaboard. The debate pitted established businesses against each other, made competitors of neighboring cities, and even turned respected inventors into lifelong rivals.

The “War of Currents” was a decade-long contest fought to decide the electrical power distribution technology that would …

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Panopto Recognized as a “Leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management

Gartner MQ - Enterprise Video Content Management Systems - Panopto Leader - 450

Today we’re proud to announce Panopto has been recognized by Gartner, Inc. as a “Leader” in its second annual “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management.”¹ The Gartner Magic Quadrant represents vendor performance in a market segment with categories for leaders, challengers, visionaries and niche players.

According to Gartner, Leaders in this market have developed flexible, extensible products …

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Onboarding Part Time Employees Is Different. Here’s How To Make It Easy.


Taking on a new position is no easy task. There are skills to learn. Names to remember. Responsibilities to master. Getting up to speed is a challenge in even the best of circumstances — which is precisely why it’s an even greater hurdle for part time and temporary employees.

For many organizations, part time and hourly …

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27 Ideas for Flipping The Classroom: Infographic


The Flipped Classroom is the latest revolution in teaching. It’s a simple twist on the classic format — lectures are recorded and shared for students to review ahead of class time, along with supplemental readings, videos, and other materials.

In exchange, flipping the classroom opens up class time for teachers to make better use of the …

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How To Build A Brand Style Guide Your People Will Actually Use

Panopto Video Platform - Video Brand Style Guide Supplement

Building a recognizable brand depends on consistency. Big brand launches and logo rollouts are exciting, but what makes a mark memorable isn’t the announcement — it’s the practiced, professional repetition of the brand in every message, every advertisement, and every communication that every member of an organization shares.

For a brand to become identifiable, the logo …

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Celebrate Ada Lovelace — And Women Everywhere in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math


The first computer program was a work of inspired intuition. We mean that literally — it was written a full century prior to the advent of even the earliest electronic computers, but neatly anticipated many of the objectives and capabilities of those machines.

The first computer program was a work of supreme expertise. The computing tool …

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