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50% of Your Skilled Workers are Leaving — What’s an Employee Training Team to Do?

Energy production requires specialist expertise - Panopto Video Social Learning Platform

If 50% of your experienced workers were due to retire in the next 5-10 years, what would that mean for employee training, recruitment and knowledge sharing at your organization?

For companies that work in the oil and gas sector, it’s no hypothetical question. The impact of an aging workforce and a struggle to find capable new …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With Panopto — March 27, 2015

Regulating the Disruptors - Panopto Video Presentation Platform

Over the summer of 1858 in Illinois, two men reshaped the very notion of how a person could support an idea they believed in.

Today most of us remember learning about the series debates between US Senate candidates Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, and being taught how those contests created the model for the modern debate …

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Using Panopto to Deliver Effective Student Feedback

University of Birmingham

In my role as convenor of a large first year compulsory module on the undergraduate English Literature programme at the University of Birmingham, I have seen a real shift in the way we’re thinking about both student feedback and assessment over the past few years. The Department of English has moved from a more rigid …

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When Faculty Are Students: Flipping Professional Development

Engaged participants are strong learners

When it comes to learning, faculty members can make tough students. Between research, teaching and mentorship, it’s not always easy to get PhDs to sign up just to learn about a new piece of university technology or the next campus initiative. And that challenge can be even greater for professional development and internal sessions on …

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9 Ways the Financial Services Industry Drives Bottom-Line Results with Video

Financial Services Businesses create new opportunities with video - Panopto Video Platform

Between the new realities of an expanding global market and continued advancements in automatic trading, not only does today’s market never sleep, it never even slows.

And yet, the speed at which business is done isn’t the only challenge facing businesses in the financial industry. Operational efficiency has become paramount as fee-based revenues have come under …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With Panopto — March 20, 2015

FromEverestToEmergencySurgery - Panopto Video Presentation Software

“You’ve got to see this.”

It’s a statement with a thousand possibilities. It may be the excited announcement of a colleague, ready to show off a new discovery. It could be the helpful smile of a co-worker, happy to share a reliable resource. It could even be a command from above, coupled with updated compliance information.

Whatever …

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What The Buzz Around Meerkat Means For Corporate Training and Communications Teams

Meerkat for iOS - Panopto E-learning Video Platform

Coming out of SXSW this week, all the buzz surrounds a fascinating new app that makes it possible to share what’s going on in an entirely new way.

Launched only in late February, Meerkat is a new app that allows users to live stream video right from a smartphone, using Twitter to share the stream …

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What March Madness Is About To Teach Your Business About Live Streaming Video

College Basketball

With first round games already in the books, March Madness and the NCAA College Basketball Championship Tournament are officially underway. This Thursday and Friday mark the traditional high point, with 32 games packed into just 48 hours.

Of course, tourney season no longer comes as a surprise to those in offices around the world. The event …

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“The One with That Thing I Heard That One Time”

Friends NBC Universal

Thanks to the DVD, in 2002, fans of the hit 90s sitcom Friends could finally relive the first season of their favorite show, more than eight years after it premiered on NBC. At the time Friends first broadcast, the show’s creators had decided not to display the title of each episode in the opening sequence, …

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Corporate E-Learning and BYOD: Considerations for L&D Organizations

Corporate E-learning - Panopto ELearning Video Platform

More and more, companies are enabling their employees to use their own devices on the job. Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, is quickly becoming the norm as many companies begin to realize the cost savings and increased efficiency from allowing employees to bring their own tools to the workplace.

It’s a trend so prevalent that …

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