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Ten Years Late: How Businesses Can Adopt Video By Taking Proven Best Practices from Universities

Early Adopters - Panopto Video Learning Platform 2

Email may not be about to fade away anytime soon, but more and more a new tool is being applied to the task of helping organizations train, communicate, and share ideas — video.

Today, 85% of companies expect to create more video content than they did in 2013. In turn, this means employees are watching more …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With A Panopto Video — September 19, 2014

Domenici Conference 3b - Panopto Video Platform

In even-numbered years, autumn in the United States can be quite blustery. In September the winds have yet to pick up, but the politics are already at gale.

There is nothing that so well underscores the value of a strong presentation than political discourse. And as the 2014 US Congressional election cycle draws toward its …

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Join us at Panopto’s ‘Innovation with Video’ Conference

Senate House - Panopto EMEA Conference 2014

More and more institutions are using lecture capture to enhance the teaching and learning experience for their students. But this is far from being the only way video is helping to transform the way courses are run at universities, colleges and schools. From flipping the classroom to allowing students to record and submit video assignments, …

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7 Things Businesses Can Learn from Universities About Video

7 Things Businesses Can Learn From Universities - Panopto Video Platform

Over the past ten years, video technology has changed the way people communicate immeasurably. Video conferencing, webcasting, video calling and more have been embraced by businesses of all kinds.

Surprising to some, however, is exactly who is at the forefront of the change. The organizations that are realizing the greatest business value from video aren’t businesses …

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Is In-Class Training Killing Your Learning & Development Budget?

Anytime Anywhere Corporate Classroom - Panopto Elearning Video Platform

Eighty-five percent.

That’s the amount of every dollar invested in corporate classroom training that’s spent just on getting people into a room. Instructor time, travel costs, meal expenses — it all adds up quickly against your budget, even before the first fact can be shared.

What does that mean in real dollars? Well, the specifics …

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The Single Greatest Secret to Delivering a Perfect Presentation: Record Yourself Practicing

Delivering a Perfect Presentation - Panopto Online Presentation Platform

Great presenters make it look so effortless. They take the mic, reel through their points, nail the highlights, and walk off to a hearty handshake or a thunder of applause.

The best even make it feel natural. There isn’t a hint of a script in their pitch — it’s as though all those ideas came …

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Convincing Employees to Use New Video Technology

Adopting New Technology - Panopto Video Platform

It’s long been noted that change is the only true constant in marketplace. All around the world, in every industry and every geography, every business’s first challenge is simply to adapt.

It’s a challenge felt not only at the corporate level but the individual one too — employees at every organization are continually challenged to …

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What Is a Flipped Classroom?

Quote - Panopto Flipped Classroom Video Platform

Over the last few years, the flipped classroom has rapidly gained popularity among teachers and school administrators. According to recent studies, 1 in 5 teachers are considering flipping their classrooms, with 1 in 4 school administrators are interested in implementing this trend. And according to the THE Journal, the number of active members on the …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With A Panopto Video — September 12, 2014

Death Penalty Debate - Panopto Video Platform

Is the way you’re sharing knowledge… too passive for your audience?

Sure, as the person doing the sharing — whether it’s teaching at a university, presenting in an internal meeting, or speaking at a conference keynote — you no doubt feel like you’re doing everything possible to make the ideas you’re sharing memorable, actionable, and inspiring. …

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“Here’s how I use video in the classroom…”

Video in the Classroom - Panopto Video Platform

In UCISA’s recent Survey of Technology Enhanced Learning for higher education in the UK, Learning Technologists at universities and colleges were asked about their uptake of various tools designed to enhance the student learning experience. Covering everything from wikis to e-submission, what’s clear from the survey is that institutions are experimenting with an increasingly wide …

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