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Celebrate Flipped Day by Flipping Your Classroom!

Flipped Day - Flip Your Classroom

If you’ve taught in a classroom in the past few years — any subject, any level, any place — you’ve already at least heard of the flipped classroom.

In fact it’s likely — with 1 in 5 teachers now planning to flip their classrooms — that you at least know of a colleague already experimenting …

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Automate Your Video Capture with Panopto’s Remote Recorder API

Panopto Remote Recorder API Sample App

Recording high quality video presentations at corporate events, in boardrooms, and in lecture halls has traditionally been a manual, work-intensive process. Often, it’s required at least one AV team member positioned at the back of each room, monitoring the video and audio feeds to ensure that the presentation is being captured without issue.

But as many …

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Hi, my name is: Panopto

Panopto /pə-näp’-tō/

Ask anyone who’s founded a business – if you’re going to hang out your shingle, it helps to have a name to put on it. So — why “Panopto”?

Panopto derives from panoptic, “the point at which everything can be seen in one view.” Panoptic in turn comes directly from the Greek word panoptos, “seen …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With a Panopto Video — September 26, 2014

Food Issues Presentation b - Panopto Video Platform copy

Autumn may have just officially started, but for many academics, the fall conference season is already in full swing. At universities around the world, professors, researchers, faculty, and students are attending events to share ideas and discuss a range of topics.

Although these events were free and open to the public, making the presentations available …

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What Are 21st Century Learners Searching For?

21st Century Learning 2 - Panopto Video Platform

This week, a BBC news article revealed the most popular Google searches made by people around the world looking for universities. Interestingly, many of the institutions that tend to feature at the top of more traditional league tables were notably absent. Instead, a significant number of the institutions that made Google’s top 20 are universities …

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From the Teachers Themselves: How Faculty at SUNY Oswego Use Panopto

SUNY Oswego Lecture 2 - Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

At the State University of New York at Oswego, the Campus Technology Services team cares for a broad set of infrastructure, applications and services that are vital to the operation and mission of the College. Their work supports most every aspect of the technology-enabled learning at this SUNY institution, including administrative computing, instructional computing, network …

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From Video Chaos to an Enterprise Video Platform (EVP)

Panopto API - Panopto Enterprise Video Platform

Where do you currently store your organization’s video assets?

This is one of the first questions we ask when we meet with businesses and universities who are looking to improve their information sharing and communication using video. With few exceptions, the answer is rarely, in a centralized, searchable video library.

In most organizations, video is scattered …

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3 Technology Challenges to Business Video — That Universities Have Already Solved

7 Things Businesses Can Learn From Universities - Panopto Video Platform

From online presentations and on-demand training to live event streaming and employee-generated content, video is starting to transform the way businesses share knowledge and communicate.

Yet as enterprises grapple with the challenges of how to manage video-based learning and communications at scale, universities are already recording tens of thousands of hours of video every semester, …

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What Is Blended Learning?

What is Blended Learning - Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

Education is no longer just about putting pen to paper and memorizing facts. Today, forward-looking institutions are engaging their students through technology, as evidenced by the rapid growth in technology-assisted teaching and learning modalities. A 2012 study by the Babson Survey Research Group estimates that the proportion of students taking at least one online course …

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Ten Years Late: How Businesses Can Adopt Video By Taking Proven Best Practices from Universities

Early Adopters - Panopto Video Learning Platform 2

Email may not be about to fade away anytime soon, but more and more a new tool is being applied to the task of helping organizations train, communicate, and share ideas — video.

Today, 85% of companies expect to create more video content than they did in 2013. In turn, this means employees are watching more …

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