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This Week In Ideas Shared With Panopto — February 27, 2015

Delivering Change to Our Food and Farming Systems - Panopto Video Platform

More than any other way we document ideas and information, PowerPoint slides have an incredibly short shelf life.

Sure, everyone’s now heard that the half life of a tweet can be measured in minutes, or that a Facebook post becomes history within the hour. But those are never more than headlines and musings — little …

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Infographic: Comparing Blended Learning and Flipped Learning

Blended Learning vs Flipped Learning Thumbnail

The newfound prevalence of technology-enabled classrooms have prompted many questions among educators. How can teachers best use these new resources? How does the presence of new technology change the traditional learning environment? And do these tools really help students learn?

Mounting best practices and evidence are answering many of those questions, fast making the case …

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Using Lecture Capture Technologies to Deliver Compelling Video Feedback to Students

University of Derby - Video Feedback

When your students study a highly visual subject – rather than one that relies on reading and writing text – it stands to reason that text-based assessment and feedback may not be the best way to create the most engaging learning experience. This raises a number of questions for learning practitioners – chiefly, if a …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With Panopto — February 20, 2015

JSON Introduction - Panopto Video Presentation Software

There’s something about February. Maybe it’s that corporate fiscal years have now had enough time to swing into movement. Maybe it’s that academic calendars are looking ahead just a few months to the end of another school year. Or maybe it’s just that people are looking for a smart reason to escape the winter weather.

Whatever …

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5 Ways Using Video in Employee Training Helps Build a Culture of Purpose

Facilitating a Culture of Purpose with Video

As business leaders reflect on last year’s results and implement improvement plans, the bottom line continues to be top priority. Yet as firms embrace new revenue streams and roll out new cost-savings initiatives, all too many overlook another internal investment that has proven to boost results — their people.

As a recent Deloitte survey shows, developing …

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How The Insurance Business Delivers A New Level of Service and Expertise — Just By Clicking “Record”

Insurance iPad

Today’s insurance companies are in a difficult spot.

A rash of catastrophe incidents have forced CAT savings budgets upwards, putting new pressure on cost management.

The e-commerce success of a number of direct writers upended the traditional independent and captive agent channels alike.

And the agency channel as a demographic continues to age — making continuity a concern.

Costs …

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Record Meetings in 360° with Panopto and the VSNMobil V.360° HD

VSNMobile 360 HD Camera

One of the biggest challenges to recording business meetings is finding a camera that’s able to capture everything. Too often, the conference room is too small and the camera’s field of view is too narrow. Sometimes, the configuration of the conference room is such that it forces the camera to be placed too far away …

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Panopto and Panasonic at Integrated Systems Europe 2015

ISE 2015

What do a Tesla car, thousands of AV professionals and Panopto staff have in common? Well, they all made an appearance on Panasonic’s stand at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) event held last week in Amsterdam. We were delighted to be invited by Panasonic’s Visual System Solutions team to join them on their stand for …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With Panopto — February 13, 2015

Cover Letter Tips Presentation - Panopto Presentation Capture

Tomorrow, February 14, marks the 10 year anniversary of YouTube. It’s an event that began a seismic shift in the way we communicate online using video. Since YouTube’s inception, video has become a widely accepted (and expected) form of sharing ideas and information. We’re excited to be a part of a revolution enabling people of …

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From All Of Us In Online Video, Happy 10th Birthday YouTube!

Happy Birthday YouTube

This Saturday, February 14th, is a big day. Favorite memories will be shared with friends and colleagues. Old jokes will be replayed one more time. And we’ll be shocked if there isn’t a snazzy new doodle on the homepage over at Google.

YouTube’s turning 10.

That’s right — one decade ago this Saturday, Chad Hurley, …

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