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The Answer to Transparency Isn’t More Town Halls
— It’s Technology

An important trend has emerged from the near-constant flow of studies into what people want from their employers. There, amid the usual compensation and flex-schedule requests, is this:


Employees want to understand not just the specifics of their own jobs, but the bigger picture of the entire organization — from the strategic vision right down to …

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Empowering Colleagues to Teach Each Other

SocialLearningwithTania - Panopto Video Platform

90% of everything every employee in an organization learns isn’t taught in formal training. It’s gleaned through informal advice given by SEMs, serendipitous observations of colleagues’ more efficient techniques, and systematic trial and error. Often the know-how and skills acquired and shared via this “social learning” are an organization’s most essential — detailed understandings of …

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How Siemens Captured a 3-Day Conference — Using Only Laptops, Webcams, and Panopto

Siemens Case Study Banner - Panopto Video Platform

Not long ago, more than 800 people gathered in Madrid, Spain, guests of Siemens PLM Software. The event: an internal conference designed to deliver expert knowledge sharing and hands-on technical training.

For two and a half days employees attended intensive sessions focused on building skill sets, sharing best practices and increasing detailed technical understanding of the …

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From DVD Lectures to Shorter, More Focused Interactions with Students

Kettering University

Shortly before spring graduation in 2015, Christine Wallace, Vice President for Kettering Global Campus, received a late night text message from the university’s president: “Stream commencement. Why or why not?”

As the team charged with streaming Kettering’s courses online for students around the world, Global Campus was the natural recipient for the president’s inquiry. They immediately …

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70:20:10 and the Reality of Learning in Today’s Organizations


From perhaps the very dawn of cooperative human work, people have traded insights and shared wisdom with each other as a means to educate individuals and improve as a collective team. Today, productivity researchers have underscored the importance of this “social learning” in the 70:20:10 model, which suggests that for any position in any company, …

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The Commencement Challenge: Could Kettering Live Stream Graduation on 2 Weeks’ Notice?

Kettering Banner

Just two weeks before spring graduation in 2015, Christine Wallace, Vice President for Kettering Global Campus at Kettering University, received a late night text message from the university’s president, Robert McMahan:

“Stream commencement. Why or why not?”

Among all university activities, commencement stands apart as an event of particular significance. Graduation is planned to be a …

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Reflections on the Panopto Annual Conference 2015: ‘The Future of Video For Learning’

Panopto Conference 2015 - Eric Burns

Last week we hosted our seventh Panopto Conference for the EMEA region. The conference – now an annual fixture in the calendar – first began as a forum to help our users share best practice on lecture capture, the flipped classroom and more. While the conference still retains a strong ‘user community’ feel, it’s now …

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Assessing the Success of Your Flipped Classroom — and Planning for Next Semester


As with any new teaching model, a switch to the flipped classroom will generate a healthy amount of interest and excitement. At the end of the semester, instructors will have a wealth of new data, opinions, and ideas with which to move from a first-flip pilot to full-time flipping — and perhaps even to an …

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3 Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Social Learning


Social learning empowers employees to think about learning in a whole new way — to share what they know and to learn from their peers on a regular basis.

To date, social learning has been a largely untapped resource for corporate learning and development. But with the advent of straightforward tools for video creation and …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With Panopto — October 16, 2015

2015 UCLA Law Review Fall Conference - Panopto Video Presentation Software

If you ever wanted to prove you had an idea that could break the sound barrier, history tells us this second week of October is the time to show it.

The trend dates back to 1947, when Bell Aircraft and US Air Force Captain Chuck Yeager proved that an airplane could fly faster than the …

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