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This Week In Ideas Shared With A Panopto Video — August 29, 2014

OilAndGasLaw - Panopto Week In Ideas

To the incoming class of 2018 — welcome. The next four years will shape your lives in ways big and small, and introduce ideas you’ll carry with you for the rest of your lives.

As you take your first steps on campus this year, you’ll be joining in the tradition of thousands — perhaps …

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The Top 10 Questions You Should Ask in Your Video Platform RFP

Capture Devices thumbnail - Panopto Video Platform

As video becomes ever more integral to how businesses communicate, how teachers teach, and how we all share ideas and information, many organizations are quickly finding that now is the right time to review how they’ve managed video content in the past — and how they plan to manage it in the future.

That’s because video …

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What Are the Common Technical Challenges to Flipping A Classroom?

Challenges to Flipping a Classroom - Panopto Video Platform

Adopting a new approach to teaching is never easy.

Flipping the classroom asks educators to change their approach to lectures and classroom time, and requires buy-in both from students and administration in order to take root and succeed.

These challenges are well-documented — and educators at the forefront of the flipped classroom movement have already …

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Three Common Challenges to Lecture Capture — And How To Address Them

Lecture Hall thumbnail - Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

Although lecture recording and blended learning programs have become increasingly commonplace in today’s schools and universities, some educators continue to encounter obstacles with this nascent practice.

The specific details of those challenges — installing lecture capture tools in a 95-year-old auditorium, or how to facilitate a blended learning experience for a foreign language curriculum, for instance …

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4 Secrets to Using Video to Create a Culture of Engagement

Hands In - small - Panopto Video Platform

Ever wonder why some companies have such happy employees? It’s more than just the chance to work on a quality product or reap a few extra benefits and perks.

If you ask them, those companies will tell you they work hard to create a happy culture. Here’s how video can help you do the same.

Zappos …

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Flipping for Flipped Classrooms

Flipped Classroom Graphic - Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

In recent years, non-traditional approaches to teaching have become more and more — well, traditional.

In a thousand different ways, educators are shaking up the standard pedagogical approach to lecturing that dates back to ancient Greece, rewriting the rules with a mix of strategy, technology, and creativity to connect with students in ways unimaginable even just …

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How Athletics Departments Can Use Their University’s Video Platform To Help Their Athletes Get A Step Ahead

Athletics Recording - Panopto University Video Platform

Broadcast contracts. Cable deals. Exclusive streaming rights. That’s not what we mean when we talk about using video in college athletics.

Oh sure, for the handful of revenue-generating teams that play for the few dozen institutions in the top-tier athletic conferences, those concepts can come into play.

But most of the time, for most college …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With A Panopto Video — August 22, 2014

Indigenous People Presentation thumbnail- Panopto Video Platform

Visualization has become a regular part of how we do business today.

Business analysts visualize data to better illustrate trends. Program managers visualize processes to better display how processes really work. And marketers visualize consumer sentiments and the competitive landscape, helping to show where new business opportunities may lie.

Some 55 percent of communication is …

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Is E-Learning As Relevant to Mature Students?

Lecture Room thumbnail - Panopto e-Learning Video Platform

Today, Times Higher Education reported that UK higher education institutions have accepted a record number of mature students onto courses this year. New figures published by the UK university admissions body UCAS show that acceptances of students aged over 20 are up 6%, while acceptances of students aged 25 or over are up by 7%.

As …

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How To Upload a Panopto Video To YouTube

Uploading a Panopto Video to YouTube

Panopto is built to be a simple, end-to-end video platform that makes it easy for anyone to record, store, search, and share video. Part of what makes Panopto’s video platform so useful is that we automatically format every video in your library for playback anywhere — any web browser, any mobile device, and yes, even …

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