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Preparing to Flip a Classroom? Here’s What to Plan For.


For instructors and administrators who’ve never flipped a classroom, making the switch (even on a trial basis) can seem daunting. After all, flipping redefines what’s required of the educator twice. First, it requires that lecture materials be made available ahead of class time. Second, it requires teachers to replace passive in-class time with active learning …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With Panopto — August 28, 2015

Engaging and Motivating Students to Learn - Panopto Video Platform

Now isn’t the time.

Now it’s still the lazy days of August. Now it’s still long weekends in the sun. Now it’s still vacations and summer Fridays.

Sure, next week brings September, the third month of the third quarter, when annual budgets are set and classes get back underway.

And sure, come September it will …

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School’s Back In Session — 7 Things Businesses Can Learn From Universities About Putting Video to Work


As organizations look to video as a tool to help create more effective, engaging, and scalable training and communications, many early adopters have been surprised to discover that proven use cases for video already exist.

Already colleges and universities are using video to capture lectures for student review and study, live stream events and conferences, …

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Not Recording Your Lectures?
Your Students Notice — And They Aren’t Happy


Students talk.

Sure, they compare stories from last weekend and plans for next, but just as often, they are comparing notes, assignments, lecture styles, and classroom experiences.

And should they find that their peers have access to study aids or reference materials not available in their own class sessions, frustration is quick to set in. …

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What Makes Qualcomm a Top
Training Organization


Since its inception in 1985, Qualcomm has been at the forefront of the mobile telecommunications revolution. Today, the company leads the world in mobile technologies, supplying the chipsets and software driving our increasingly connected world.

However, it’s not just the engineers that are innovating at Qualcomm. Irwin Jacobs, Qualcomm’s co-founder and a former professor, has …

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Learning at the Speed of Need:
Supporting Pervasive Learning at Every Step


When seasoned learning and development professionals look at the oft quoted 70-20-10 model, the first reaction can include despair or disbelief. If the model is to be believed, it would indicate that instructional design and classroom teaching only amounts to 10% of an employee’s learning at work — while twice as much of that learning …

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The Classroom of the 21st Century


In recent years, non-traditional approaches to teaching have become more and more — well, traditional. In a thousand different ways, educators are shaking up the standard pedagogical approach to lecturing that dates back to ancient Greece, rewriting the rules with a mix of strategy, technology, and creativity to connect with students in ways unimaginable even …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With Panopto — August 21, 2015

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What is it about Woodstock?

This week in 1969 a small farm in Bethel, New York, played host to a three-day music festival, featuring many of the day’s biggest names in music.

But Woodstock wasn’t the first such festival. There were dozens of others that year alone.

Nor was the lineup entirely can’t-miss. Many of …

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eBook: The Practical Guide to Flipping Your Classroom

Practical Guide to Flipping Your Classroom eBook copy

In the last decade, academic institutions at all levels have begun introducing non-traditional pedagogies that combine traditional brick-and-mortar teaching with online, on-demand learning.

Among all of the approaches to this “blended learning,” one has garnered more media attention, reported more tangible results, and gained the support of more educators than any other — the flipped …

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Infographic: How to Flip A Classroom

Flipped Classroom Infographic Header - KnowledgeOne

The flipped classroom is turning traditional learning on its head. In schools all over the world, teachers are flipping their classes in an effort to increase knowledge retention and improve student engagement. In a 2014 survey of over 2,300 educators, 78% reported having flipped a class before, up from 48% just two years prior.

What is …

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