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How Video Delivers ROI For Today’s Financial Services Industry

Video in Financial Services Industry - Panopto Video Platform

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, someone will have made another million in the market. And that holds whether you’re reading right now early in the morning on Wall Street in New York, at noon in London’s Paternoster Square, or late in the day along the Yangtze in Shanghai. Between the …

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The Single Biggest Reason You’ll Soon Be Wearing Google Glass At Work

Google Glass Example - Panopto Video Platform

When earlier this year Google acknowledged it was shifting its focus for Google Glass to the enterprise market, the potential use cases were thrilling — if a little esoteric. Firefighters could access building maps. Professional hockey teams could deliver real-time stats to fans at the rink. Custom applications, in other words, serving very narrow purposes. …

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5 Opportunities to Embrace Informal Learning with Video

The Average Business Loses 12 Percent of Employees Annually - Capture knowledge with Panopto Video Platform

Today “training video” is too generic a term.

In today’s corporate training environment, video plays a variety of roles, from standardizing onboarding processes and providing live product demonstrations to fostering social learning and coaching by subject matter experts. Learning and development teams around the world have already begun to implement video in numerous ways.

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In 15 Seconds: Why You Need The Best Video Content Search


What if you could search the actual content inside all your videos? And find any word spoken — or shown on-screen.

With Panopto, you can record anything — and find everything.

Modern organizations are using video to communicate and capture more and more ideas.

Learning and Development teams record training sessions to support and scale …

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This Week In Ideas Shared With A Panopto Video — July 25, 2014

Professional and Personal Development small - Panopto VCMS

Often as businesses and schools come to us to begin rolling out video for lecture capture, presentation recording, or social learning, a key initial challenge can be just soothing the nervousness some staff feel at the idea of recording their ideas with video.

Seeing one’s self on video adds a new dimension to how we …

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Lecture Capture: Some Educators Prefer to be Heard… And Not Seen

In my work as an educational technologist in Higher Education (and with academic/teaching experience in HE) I am more frequently receiving queries and requests from teaching staff who want to make a video of their lecture so it can be available to their students on their module site in the institutional VLE. A request to …

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9 Opportunities to Enhance Formal Corporate Learning with Video

In October of 2013, at the Gartner’s U.S. Symposium, IT leaders from ten companies came together to brainstorm business use cases for video technology.

“Attendees first imagined more than thirty basic ideas, and then ranked them using a simple scale on which they measured each proposal’s cost benefit, revenue impact, risk, and emotional value,” Gartner reported. …

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9 Ways Insurance Carriers Are Driving Down Combined Ratios — with Video

Capture Employee Expertise - Panopto Video Platform

Today’s insurance companies are in a difficult spot.

The rash of catastrophe incidents seemingly every year so far in the new millennium has forced carriers to revise CAT savings budgets upwards, putting new pressure on cost management.

For property and casualty carriers, the e-commerce success of a number of direct writers upended the traditional independent and captive …

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5 Facts You Can Use to Make the Case for Video in Your Learning & Development Organization

Training Retention Statistic - Panopto Video Platform

You don’t need us to tell you that video is a great tool for training.

Using video as a tool to supplement and scale your learning and development programs is no longer a new idea.

Today video training has the case study endorsement of Fortune 100 blue chips like IBM and Microsoft. It has the …

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Video Content Search with Panopto Smart Search


As video becomes an increasingly important method of communication and learning in the workplace, the volume of video content stored on corporate networks has grown exponentially over the last few years. And with the influx of corporate video comes the problem of how to find specific content within a growing video library. Searching for specific …

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