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Businesses are generating video at an exponential rate. Yet for most companies, this valuable content is scattered across corporate intranet sites, SharePoint portals, and file shares where it’s hard to discover and impossible to manage.

With Panopto’s enterprise YouTube solution, you can centralize all of your video content in a secure library – improving employee access and enabling your IT organization to manage video across your network.

Panopto Corporate YouTube
  • Centralize and share all of your video content. Panopto’s video content management system (video CMS) provides a secure portal where employees can access training videos, meeting recordings, and more.
  • Stream videos to any device. Every video uploaded to Panopto is encoded for playback on any desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. You get the best video playback experience regardless of your operating system, browser and device.
  • Search inside the content of your videos. Panopto’s unique video search engine enables you to search across your video library and inside the content of your videos. Search for any word spoken or shown in any video and fast forward to that precise moment in one click.
  • Capture professional-quality video presentations with Panopto’s integrated recording software for Windows, Mac, and iOS.

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