Mobile Video

More and more people in your organization use tablets and smartphones to view video. Panopto has you covered. Every video uploaded into our video content management system is encoded for playback on mobile devices, and automatic device detection ensures viewers always get an experience tailored to their device. With native mobile apps for iOS and Android, Panopto lets you carry your entire video library in your pocket.

Encoding for tablets and smartphones

Mobile video playback is a core feature of Panopto's video platform. Every recording that you upload into our video content management system is encoded for playback on any device.

Automatic device detection

Any time a viewer plays a video that is hosted on your Panopto system, our servers automatically detect the type of device and deliver a playback experience optimized for that device's form factor.

Search inside videos

Using Panopto's native iOS and Android mobile apps, you can search across your entire library and inside videos for words mentioned in transcript or shown in the presenter's slides. Then with one tap, you can fast forward to that precise moment in the video.

Customizable layouts

Panopto lets you choose how viewers see videos on their mobile devices. For example, recordings that consist of a presenter and their on-screen content can be set to picture-in-picture, and recordings that consist of multiple video feeds can be viewed using Panopto's unique tile view.

Mobile video analytics

Built-in reporting gives you insights into mobile viewing behavior. Get statistics on who watched which videos, how many times they viewed, and how long they viewed before dropping off.

Mobile captions

Panopto’s mobile apps and embedded video podcasts give viewers the ability to see closed captions while the video plays back.