Video Management

Store your videos securely in the cloud or on-premises with Panopto. Our web-based video content management system (VCMS) makes it easy to centralize all of your videos and stream them to any device. Panopto also includes a unique video search engine for finding content inside your videos.

Drag-and-drop video upload

Easily upload videos individually or in bulk into your organization's video library.

Video transcoding and processing

Panopto automatically transcodes your videos so they can be viewed on any device.

Broad format support

Upload WMV, AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG, 3GPP, GoToMeeting videos, and more.

Instant sharing

Once your videos are uploaded, easily share them via email or on social networks.

Video library search

Panopto automatically indexes key information about your videos and makes them easy to find.

Inside video search

Panopto's unique video search engine lets you search inside videos for words shown on slides or mentioned by presenters.

Access control

Control who accesses your library, collections of videos, and individual recordings. Integrate your access control with Active Directory or your LMS.

Analytics and reporting

Get reports on video library health and video viewing statistics, including who viewed, what they viewed, how long they viewed, and more.

Branding and skinning

In a few mouse clicks, administrators can customize the look of your video library with your logo and color scheme.

Video editing

Panopto includes a web-based video editor for trimming and clipping videos, combining videos, editing chapters, switching cameras, and more.