Corporate YouTube

Panopto provides a secure, centralized video content management system (VCMS) for storing and sharing all of your organization’s videos.

Businesses are generating new video at an exponential rate. Yet for most companies, this valuable content is scattered across corporate intranet sites, SharePoint portals, and file shares where it’s hard to discover and impossible to manage.

With Panopto, you can centralize all of your video in a secure “corporate YouTube” that improves employee access to video content and enables IT organizations to manage the flow of video within the network.

Panopto’s video platform goes beyond simple storage, and includes a unique search engine that allows employees to search inside videos for any word or phrase, and admin tools for analyzing video use, controlling video storage and bandwidth, and securing all your company’s video assets.

Upload your existing video content

Drag and drop your pre-recorded videos into Panopto's video content management system (VCMS). In minutes, your videos will be available to employees, partners, and customers for viewing from any device.

Easily search inside all your videos

Our video search engine enables to you to find a precise video segment from within a massive media library. Search for a keyword and automatically fast-forward to the moments in each video where the word appears.

Share presentations, webcasts, and more

Anything you record with the Panopto video platform is automatically uploaded to the video content management system (VCMS) and encoded for viewing on any device.

Flexible deployment options

Panopto offers both cloud-hosted and on-premises deployments to give you the option to store and distribute your recordings from behind your firewall, or from Panopto’s secure cloud.

Manage your video library

Panopto’s management tools give administrators visibility into server status and fine-grained control over permissions, user administration, and integration with identity providers and learning management systems (LMS).

Detailed reports and analytics

Panopto analytics gives administrators a comprehensive view of your video library, including reports on your most popular content and viewer engagement.