Lecture Capture

Discover the most scalable, easy-to-use lecture recording solution on the market.

In recent years, lecture capture has gone from a helpful learning aid to an essential utility that more and more universities are using as part of the learning experience. Recent studies have demonstrated that recorded lectures improve student engagement and achievement by providing individual control over the pace of learning and the ability to review complex topics after class.

For academic institutions in search of a lecture capture solution, Panopto provides cost-effective, easy-to-use software that integrates with your learning management systems and scales from small departmental deployments to campus-wide installations. It’s why institutions like the University of Essex are recording tens of thousands of hours of lectures every semester using Panopto, and why Shahid Ansari, Provost of Babson College, says that Panopto has had “a transformative effect on the learning experience.” Request a free trial or product demo and find out why we’re the fastest growing lecture capture solution on the market.

The easiest way to record lectures

Panopto is software that runs on any laptop and works with nearly any type of video source from webcams to professional video cameras. It provides institutions and faculty members with the easiest way to record lectures in small classrooms and large lecture halls.

The fastest way to flip your class

Increase student engagement inside and outside the classroom using Panopto's intuitive software that allows faculty to record micro-lectures and pre-class assignments from their laptop, iPhone, or iPad.

Hands-free, automated recording

Spend your time teaching, not fiddling with technology. Panopto allows you to schedule recordings ahead of time for fully-automated lecture capture, and control your entire recording infrastructure from any web browser.

An interactive learning experience

Turn passive lecture videos into an active learning experience. Panopto makes it easy to embed quizzes, polls, and other live web content directly into your lectures in order to create interactive, more engaging videos.

Scale to meet the needs of any institution

Because Panopto runs on any laptop and provides both cloud-hosted and on-premises solutions, we work equally well with small departmental deployments as we do with campus-wide installations.

Built by and for academic institutions

Panopto began as a graduate school project at Carnegie Mellon University's school of computer science. Our roots are in higher education and we are dedicated to improving the learning experience at universities around the world.